Shinoda started the sales and marketing of ICP PAPER about 40 years ago when multicolor offset printing was introduced. The paper, coated with uniform silicon glass beads, is attached to the transfer cylinder of the printing machine to prevent marking caused by ink and also to prevent sticking paper to the cylinder due to static electricity.

ICP FILM has newly been developed to satisfy customers’need as today’s offset printing machines operate at higher speed with higher accuracy and the printed papers pass through the transfer cylinder before ink dries.
The surface of the film is finished with more dense and even-graded glass particles and oil resistive adhesive. The film can be re-used after cleaning and withstands a longer period of time.

SUPER ICP FILM has a special surface treatment by special resin to get
outstandingly high ink repellency and durability for high-speed printing.
It lasts up to 2-4 times longer than the original ICP FILM. As it repels ink for much longer period before cleaning is necessary, it is ideal for carton printing or dry offset printing which require high volume of ink. From the total cost point of view, it is economical due to longer operation life.

- Uniform diameter silicon glass beads in dense matrix repel ink and eliminate smears
and marks on the printed paper by minimizing contact areas with wet ink.
- Resistant to cleaning oil for printing cylinder or blanket cylinder
- 2 different sizes of glass beads to suit various printing needs
- Dimensionally stable and free from stretching and wrinkling
- Reduces static electricity on cylinders allowing smooth jam free transfer with low frictional force on the surface
- The film is readily cleanable by washing periodically for repeated use. Any ordinary detergent can be used for cleaning, but pre-testing of detergent is recommended
- Easy to install either by double-faced adhesive tape or by the film with spray-on adhesive

- Highest quality printing is achieved
- Reduce paper waste due to marking of wet ink
- Minimize press downtime
- Long operational life
- Lower cost than competitive systems

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